General Information

What is the age range for Turing Tumble?

What is the size/weight of the box?

How is Turing Tumble a Computer?

What is a virtual pack?

Do I need the extra parts?


Who qualifies for the Educator Discount?

Where can I find educator resources?

Do you accept purchase orders?

Getting Started

How do I set up my Turing Tumble?

How do I start building marble-powered computers?


What is your return policy?

Retail and Resale Policy


Why are the red/blue balls falling down too fast?

The ramps on my Turing Tumble are sticking or not flipping back into place after a ball passes through.  What should I do?

counterweight assembly

The levers on my Turing Tumble are sticking.  What should I do?

Other Questions?